Sustainable Camping

In Kon Aiken Turismo we care about the environment, this is why we promote taking care of our place in order to get more people who collect waste, separate it and recycle it.

We are pioneers in implementing sustainable practices by composting organic matter of fruits and vegetables, from which we produce Humus that is used in our garden and greenhouse; same way we recycle plastic, glass bottles and cans to be donated to Fecunda Patagonia, regional company of recycling and environmental education.

Our campgrounds has all commodities and a capacity available for a maximun of 60 tents. We have bathrooms, ping pong tables, barbecue grills, tables and benches, where you can eat outdoors quietly.

Soon, we are expecting to add solar energy which will allow us to illuminate our campgrounds in a better way and at the same time, we will continue promoting the use of renewable energy.

The price per person will depend on the season.
High season: $5.000 CLP
Low season: $4.000 CLP